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Cost Estimate For Spinal Fusion Surgery In India


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Spinal Fusion Surgery Cost

USD 5000

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Total Cost

USD 5240

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Spinal Fusion Surgery Cost USD 5000

Budget Stay Expenses (2 person * 8 days * 15 USD) USD 240

Airport Pickup Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

Interpreter Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

The charges mentioned are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the specifics of patient. Please contact our team to get a personalized treatment plan and quote for your treatment. We are happy to help!

Spinal Fusion Surgery Overview

Spinal cord consists of small bones called vertebrae. When there is motion between one or two vertebrae’s it may lead to back pain and prevents the stretching of nerves and surrounding ligaments and muscles. Mostly, it causes major pain when the movement is in the arthritic spine.

Spinal fusion is a surgical intervention procedure in which two or more vertebrae in your spine are connected or fused to stop the movement and improve the stability, correct a deformity and reduce the pain. If medicines, physiotherapy, and other non-operative measures does not improve your back pain, spinal fusion surgery might be an option. It is recommended for treatment of various spinal conditions such as; broken vertebrae, spinal deformities (Scoliosis/Kyphosis), spinal instability, Spondylolisthesis, herniated disk, tumours or spine infections.

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Before the surgery, you will be undergoing a detailed physical examination, blood tests and imaging tests like X-ray or MRI. These will make your surgeon understand the cause of your pain better and decide which approach will be suitable for the surgery. Some drugs, like aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs, may be unsafe and may be needed to stop before the surgery. If you are overweight, you will also be advised to lose some weight and get into a better shape.


Spinal fusion surgery is done under general anaesthesia it means you will be asleep during the surgery. There are two approaches through which spinal fusion surgery is performed: Anterior lumbar inter-body fusion which is done if you have lower back pain and incision is done through your side, and Posterior fusion in which the incision is done through your back as you will be lying facing down.

First step of the surgery is done by making an incision or cut to move the muscles aside making it easier for your surgeon to see your spine. After the incision, the joint or joints between the damaged or painful disks are removed. The bones are held together by screws, rods, or pieces of bone from another part of your body (auto graft) to connect the disks and restrict them from moving. A bone graft that comes from your body is usually taken from your hip or pelvis. In some cases, bone from another person called an allograft is also used, which is available from bone banks. Surgery can take three to four hours to complete.


Since spinal fusion surgery is a major procedure and you would need a hospitalization of 3-4 days. After the surgery, you may feel mild to moderate pain which is a natural part of the healing process. You will be shifted to a recovery room or ICU and will be constantly monitored through machine connected to your heart for your vital signs such as pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature etc. Also you will have some tubes connected to your body serving different purpose such as intravenous (IV) line to administer medicines or epidural catheter for pain relieving medicines connected directly to your spine. During your hospital stay, physiotherapist will help you move and do minimal activities such as to get out of bed, into a chair, and walk again. Spinal X-ray will be done before your discharge from the hospital for checking the status of your healing and decide rehabilitation program.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following your doctor’s instructions will greatly increase your chances for a successful and faster recovery. It can take 6 months to a year for your back to fully recover. The fusion process takes time and it will take few months for the fused bones to become solid, although the pain will decrease much faster. During this healing time, the fused spine must be kept in proper alignment so avoid twisting, bending, and heavy lifting. As you regain strength your symptoms will improve and slowly you can increase your activity level. Losing weight and proper exercise helps you to recover faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spinal Fusion Surgery

Q: What is the success rate of a spinal fusion surgery?
A: Studies suggest that the back pain after the spinal fusion surgery is improved by 70%-80%.

Q: Spinal fusion surgery is very painful?
A: Being a major surgery, you may expect moderate pain after the surgery and till the time bones are not fused properly. Surgical pain can be managed through medicines. Although, there’s gradual decrease in pre-operative back pain and mostly people are satisfied with the result.

Q: For how long will I need to wear back brace?
A: It is recommended to wear back brace continuously if you are out of bed for more than 10 minutes, and should be worn for 3-4 months or depending on your recovery status.

Q: Can spinal fusion surgery fail? If yes, then how would I know if the spinal fusion surgery failed?
A: Yes, there are chances that spinal fusion surgery may fail and you continue to experience back pain after the surgery. Signs of a failed spinal fusion includes: new pain at a level different from the location treated, Inability to recuperate, restricted mobility, sharp or stabbing back pain, numbness or pain radiating through the lower back into the legs, back spasms or anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.

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