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USD 31500

Heart Transplant cost in india

14 Days

in Hospital

20 Days

outside hospital


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Cost Breakdown

  • Heart Transplant Cost         $31500
  • Airport Pickup Charges(Service provided by EasyCure) FREE
  • Interpreter Charges(Service provided by EasyCure) FREE
  • Total Estimated Cost: $32100*
  • *The charges mentioned are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the specifics of patient. Please contact our team to get a personalized treatment plan and quote for your treatment. We are happy to help!

About Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is an operation in which a failing, diseased heart is replaced with a healthier, donor heart.

Recovery and what happens after Transplant?

Most people leave the hospital within about four weeks of the operation, but depending on your condition, you may need to stay in the hospital for longer.

In the first few months after your surgery, you will need to spend a lot of time visiting the hospital – you might even need to stay near the transplant centre. Your transplant team will talk to you about practical arrangements for after your surgery.

Although you will be weak after the operation, recovery can be very quick. It is important to build up your level of activity gradually. You should avoid activities involving lifting and pushing until your breastbone is fully healed, which can take up to three or four months.

Duration of Stay

14 days the hospital, 20 days outside hospital

Heart Transplant Package at Fortis Malar Chennai

Please find the below details of Heart Transplantation Program at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai, India.

They have a Computerized Transplant List in Chennai, Tamil Nadu State, India and the MATCHING list is run by the Government General Hospital.

Their Heart Transplant team is headed by Chief Cardiac and Heart Transplant Surgeon Dr. K. R Balakrishnan, MBBS, MS, M.Ch(Cardio Thoracic)- Director – Cardiac Sciences & Transplant Program, with more than 40+ Years of Experience in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgeries and Dr. Suresh Rao K G –Chief Heart Transplant Intensivist & Head Cardiac Critical care at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai, India.

The patient should arrange to send us the latest Reports to confirm their need for heart transplant.

To register patients in the waiting list to get a ‘Cadaver Heart’ we need the following details of the patient as mentioned below

Blood Group

Body Weight


Contact address

Phone Number

Prior to Transplant other Special tests need to be done which patients can do once they travel to Fortis Malar Hospital.

Ideally patients requiring heart transplant have to travel to India & needs to WAIT in Chennai because Heart Transplant has to be done within 4-6 hours of Removal of Heart from Donor and we get informed about 4 hours prior to Consent for Heart Transplant from DONOR’s Family.

Classic waiting period to get a cadaver heart is around 2-3 months or more, however this also depends on the blood group of the patient.

Until patient get the heart, he/ she will has to stay in a guest house near hospital. The cost of the guest will be extra (not included in the package given).

Patient will need LONG TERM Immunosuppressant Drugs which are toxic and will need occasional Biopsy.

As soon as a Heart is found from a donor it has to be transplanted in patient within 2-3 hours. Availability of Donors will also be limited by Body weight match, blood group MATCH and MHC antibodies match, Etc.

Patients/Attendants needs to be in regular touch with the transplant team / doctors/ International Patients Team of Fortis Malar Hospital.

Hospital Address: 52, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020

Total Treatment Cost *:

Total Cost of Heart Transplantation package costs approximately USD 42,000-45,000 with 20 days hospital stay post-transplant in a single roomAir Lifting Charges for transport of Organ will vary from (USD 11,000 – 16,000) will be EXTRA to be borne by the patient if organ is transported from outside.(If required).

The package does not include Pre & Post Investigation assessment (Transplant Workup before transplant & post transplant admission for follow-up). Stay over the specified period in package will be charged extra.

Bills of Pre & Post Admission, Medical management, Stabilization, LVAD (T), ECMO (if required depending up the condition of the patient) will be on actual depending on no. of days stay in the hospital.

Hotel Accommodation near hospital will cost USD 35/night on a twin sharing basis, Rented Service apartment USD 800 – 1000/month.


The above tariff is per existing rate and if there is any fluctuation in exchange rate, the tariff will vary accordingly.

Due to any complications, if the patients stay is extended then the package days room rent, Medicines, Investigations and Consultations will be charged extra. Only one attendee will be allowed to stay in the patient’s room.

Disclaimer: Prices are valid for limited period and are subjected to change based on currency fluctuations and other external cost factors. The package does not include treatment of an unrelated illness or procedures other than the one for which this estimate has been prepared.

Also expenses for any additional hospital stay beyond the stipulated days as per the estimate shall be payable extra. The cost range is based upon our best understanding of the patients condition at the time of contact and more informed estimates can be provided once the patient is thoroughly examined by the concerned physician at the treating institution. The diagnosis / recommendation is based on the medical reports provided by the patients / representatives / hospitals.

Please Note:- The funds towards Heart Transplant & Air Lifting needs to be deposited in hospital bank account through Wire Transfer in advance before transplant.


  1. Prices quoted are for rough planning purposes only to assist the patient in understanding the possible range of costs. Actual estimates for the care cannot be accurately provided until the patient has been thoroughly examined by the concerned physician at treating institution. The cost ranges provided are based upon our best understanding of the patient’s condition at the time of contact and does not represent a minimum or maximum potential cost.
  2. All prices listed are in USD and are inclusive of all taxes.
  3. Packages are based on standard non-complicated procedures offered during the period of stay.
  4. Packages do not apply for extension of stay, room upgrade, and complication leading to addition of drugs and consumables, histology, overseas call, stay/meals for attendant beyond the package tenure. Room upgrades will be charged the difference between the existing room and the upgrades.
  5. The package fees apply to and are subject to room availability.
  6. Packages are subject to change without prior notice.
  7. Patients shall abide by all the terms and conditions of Fortis Hospitals Group and applicable Indian laws.
  8. VAT is applicable on all Drugs, Consumables and F & B as per tariff fixed by Government of India Ruling.
  9. This package is not applicable for the citizens of Russia, Ukraine & Kazakhstan.


The Standard Package includes

The Standard package includes the following in addition to the above:

  1. Single AC room with attached washroom, TV, Telephone, with facility for one attendant to stay.
  2. Free Airport pick up and drop.
  3. In-house travel related services.
  4. Two OPD Consultations free within six months of surgery prior appointment.
  5. General Interpreter service at Reception/ enquiry.
  6. Travel Desk assistance.
  7. Immigration services/visa extensions, if required.
  8. Add on services

The following services will be provided at a nominal extra cost (on specific query and subject to confirmation from respective hospital)

  1. Interpreter services- full time, at an approximate add on cost of USD 100 per day of stay.
  2. Room Upgrades are charged at the difference of room rates.

Additional Exclusions

  1. Charges for inpatient stay in excess of the stipulated nights.
  2. Additional charges for these days including room and other charges such as pharmacy will be added to the package price.
  3. Charges for complex cases requiring emergency surgery or other conditions requiring equipment and hospital stays in excess to those specified.
  4. Visit by any Specialists other than mentioned in the package.
  5. Extra Attendee’s food.
  6. Out Patient and Expenses incurred before admission, other than included in the package.
  7. Items of personal nature such as in room soft drinks, telephone charges and guest meals will be charged at the normal rates in effect.
  8. Take home medications.
  9. Costs of Investigations additionally required, but not included in the package
  10. Treatment of any unrelated illness. Any other additional procedure done will be charged.
  11. The Package excludes the Transplant medicines mentioned above in the special medicines list.

Alternative Option Available for Heart Transplant –

If this Patient is Suitable for LV Assist Device –( HEARTMATE-2): Other Attractive Alternative of Heart Transplant is Artificial Heart Implant (LV assist device OR Total artificial Heart): We generally use HEARTMATE-2, HEARTWARE implantable LVAD or ABIOMED Total artificial heart / HVAD – This is available on DEMAND ANY TIME , No need to check the Donor Matching and No need of IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE type drugs.

LVAD procedure can be performed at any time on demand.

Cost for LVAD in US$ will be approximately between $137000 – $177500. This is a high end procedure & is being performed by Dr. K R BalaKrishnan & team at Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai.

For More Details on LVAD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh_2OS-X4wY


When Heart Transplant is Needed

Heart transplants are recommended when treatments for heart problems have been unsuccessful, which can lead to heart failure in the future. In adults, heart failure can be caused by several conditions, including:

  • Weakening of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Heart valve disease
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Dangerous recurring abnormal heart rhythms (ventricular arrhythmias) not controlled by other treatments
  • Amyloidosis

Basic Requirement for Heart Transplant

There are certain factors determine whether a candidate is a good fit for a heart transplant. While each case is considered individually by a transplant center, there are several determining conditions:

  • Patients with existing medical conditions  such as a serious kidney, liver or lung disease
  • Patients with active infections
  • Have a recent personal medical history of cancer
  • Are unwilling or unable to make lifestyle changes necessary to keep donor heart healthy, such as not drinking alcohol or not smoking

Tests & Diagnosis Before Heart Transplant

The transplant evaluation process will include:

  • Blood tests. Patient will need blood tests to help find a good donor match and help improve the chances that the donor heart will not be rejected.
  • Diagnostic tests. The doctor will need tests to assess the patient's lungs as well as overall health. These tests may include X-rays, ultrasound procedures, CT scan, pulmonary function tests (PFTs), and dental exams. Women may get a Pap test, gynecology evaluation, and a mammogram.
  • Psychological and social evaluation. Some psychological and social issues that are involved in organ transplant include stress, financial issues, and support from family or significant others. These factors can greatly affect how the patient recovers after the transplant.

Heart Transplant Procedure Details

Heart transplant surgery is an open heart surgery that takes several hours. During the operation, the cardiac surgeon will make an incision in the chest. The surgeon will separate the chest bone and open the rib cage so that he or she can operate on the heart. The surgeon then removes the diseased heart and sews the donor heart into place. He or she then attaches the major blood vessels to the donor heart. The new heart often starts beating when blood flow is restored. Sometimes an electric shock is needed to make the donor heart beat properly. After surgery, the patient also receives fluids and medications through intravenous (IV) tubes.

Heart Transplant Post Treatment Precaution

Most patients leave the hospital within about four weeks of the operation, but depending on the post operative condition of the patient, the stay in the hospital could get extended for longer.  The  transplant team will talk to the patient regarding practical arrangements for after the surgery. There will be some weakness after the operation, but recovery can be very quick. It is important to build up the level of activity gradually. The patient must avoid activities involving lifting and pushing until the breastbone is fully healed, which can take up to three or four months.

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Heart Transplant FAQs

Q. Can I travel internationally?

A. The patient can travel to anywhere in the world. However he/she must consult their physician before making travel plans.

Q. Will physical activities be limited?

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