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Cost Estimate For Breast Cancer Surgery In India


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Breast Cancer Surgery Cost

USD 2805

Days In Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total Cost

USD 3225

Treatment , Airport Pickup Charges, Interpreter Charges, Hotel

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Breast Cancer Surgery Cost USD 2805

Budget Stay Expenses (2 person * 14 days * 15 USD) USD 420

Airport Pickup Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

Interpreter Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

The charges mentioned are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the specifics of patient. Please contact our team to get a personalized treatment plan and quote for your treatment. We are happy to help!

Breast Cancer Surgery Overview

Most women with breast cancer have some type of surgery as part of their treatment. Depending on the situation, surgery may be done for different reasons. For example, surgery may be done to:

  • Remove as much of cancer as possible (breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy)
  • Find out whether cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arm (sentinel lymph node biopsy or axillary lymph node dissection)
  • Restore the breast’s shape after the cancer is removed (breast reconstruction)
  • Relieve symptoms of advanced cancer

There are two main types of surgery to remove breast cancer:

  • Breast-conserving surgery: (also called a lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy, or segmental mastectomy) – in which only the part of the breast containing the cancer is removed. The goal is to remove cancer as well as some surrounding normal tissue. How much of the breast is removed depends on the size and location of the tumor and other factors.
  • Mastectomy- in which the entire breast is removed, including all of the breast tissue and sometimes other nearby tissues. There are several different types of mastectomies. Some women may also get a double mastectomy, in which both breasts are removed.

Popular Hospitals That Offer Breast Cancer Surgery In India

Deciding between breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy

Many women with early-stage cancers can choose between breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and mastectomy. The main advantage of BCS is that a woman keeps most of her breast. But in most cases, she will also need radiation. Women who have a mastectomy for early-stage cancers are less likely to need radiation.

For some women, mastectomy may clearly be a better option, because of the type of breast cancer, the large size of the tumor, previous treatment history, or certain other factors.

Duration of stay

4 days in the hospital, 14 days outside the hospital

Recovery Process

Recovery after surgery involves healing both physically and emotionally. The time this takes will vary from person to person. The patient may experience a mixture of emotions. Relief that the operation is over, but concern about returning for the results of the tests on the tissue removed (pathology).

The patient will usually be advised not to lift or carry anything heavy until wounds have fully healed. If you take things gently at first, you should be able to return to most of your normal activities within a few weeks of your operation. This will vary from person to person.

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