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Cost Estimate For Brain Tumor Surgery In India


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Brain Tumor Surgery Cost

USD 6400

Days In Hospital


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Total Cost

USD 6850

Treatment , Airport Pickup Charges, Interpreter Charges, Hotel

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Brain Tumor Surgery Cost USD 6400

Budget Stay Expenses (2 person * 15 days * 15 USD) USD 450

Airport Pickup Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

Interpreter Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

The charges mentioned are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the specifics of patient. Please contact our team to get a personalized treatment plan and quote for your treatment. We are happy to help!

Brain Tumor Surgery Overview

Brain Tumor Surgery the first step in treating most benign and many malignant tumors. It is often preferred when a tumor can be removed without any unnecessary risk of neurological damage. It may be recommended to:

  • Provide tumor sample for accurate diagnostics.
  • Relieve seizures that are hard to control.
  • Enable direct access to chemotherapy, radiation implants, or genetic treatment of malignant tumors.

Types of Brain Tumor Surgery:

All the surgical procedures are performed under heavy sedation so that the brain does not feel pain and scalp area is totally numbed before the surgery. Some most common types of brain surgeries are Biopsy, Craniotomy, Craniectomy, Debulking, Partial Removal, Complete Removal, Shunt, Ommaya Reservoir, Skull Base Surgery, Transsphenoidal Surgery.

Popular Hospitals That Offer Brain Tumor Surgery In India

Deciding About the Treatment

The type of surgery required depends upon several factors. Your neurosurgeon or a team of surgeons will decide which surgery to go for. You may have surgery to diagnose the type of brain tumor you have, remove the whole tumor, to slow the growth and improve symptoms, relieve symptoms such as build up of fluid, help deliver other treatments such as chemotherapy.

Duration of Stay in India

It varies from procedure to procedure.

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