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Cost Estimate For Bilateral Knee Replacement In India


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Bilateral Knee Replacement Cost

USD 8300

Days In Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total Cost

USD 8750

Treatment , Airport Pickup Charges, Interpreter Charges, Hotel

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Bilateral Knee Replacement Cost USD 8300

Budget Stay Expenses (2 person * 15 days * 15 USD) USD 450

Airport Pickup Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

Interpreter Charges (Free service provided by easycure ) USD 0

The charges mentioned are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the specifics of patient. Please contact our team to get a personalized treatment plan and quote for your treatment. We are happy to help!

Bilateral Knee Replacement Overview

Knee Replacement Surgery (also known as knee arthroplasty) is a surgical procedure in which the damaged parts of the kneecap, thighbone, and shinbone of the patient are replaced with artificial parts. In this procedure, the doctor will put the patient under regional or general anesthesia. The doctor will then make an incision in the knee region to access the bone, remove the damaged area, insert the replacement, and then close the incision. This surgery not only eliminates the pain but also improve the range of motion. Knee Replacement surgery improves the quality of life among all the surgeries as knee joint is the most important joint inside the human body. This procedure has a high success rate.

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Deciding about the Treatment

Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, traumatic) is the leading degenerative knee disease leading to the need for knee replacement surgery. Knee fractures, as well as some types of knee conditions can also lead to knee joint degeneration. The doctor will consider total knee surgery when alternative methods such as changes in activities, mild painkillers, and physiotherapy have been exhausted. Depending on your age and the damage to the tissue, the doctor may suggest partial knee replacement instead of a total knee replacement.

Duration of Stay

6 days in the hospital, 15 days outside the hospital

Recovery Process

Pain management is an important part of the recovery process. Pre-operative education regarding pain, discomfort, medication and other pain management techniques is important for a smooth recovery. To keep the joint flexible, building strength and increasing the range of motion are necessary and can be accomplished by participating in physical therapy and other exercise programs. A positive attitude and a solid support network (friends, family and/or patient groups) will do wonders to help a knee replacement patient through the recovery process.

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