Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery in India

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USD 9950

Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery cost in india

8 Days

in Hospital

15 Days

outside hospital


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  • Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery Cost         $9950
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  • Total Estimated Cost: $10400*
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About Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint often made from metal and plastic components. It is usually done when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief. The design of the implant offers you renewed stability and function. Hip replacement can relieve pain, help your hip joint work better, and restore normal walking and other movements. Hip replacement surgery has a very high success rate and can offer an incredible quality of life improvement to some patients.

Deciding About the Treatment

The most important role is yours as you also need to understand all nuances of surgery before going for it. Konsult helps you in finding the right doctor and will clear all your doubts regarding the treatment. Getting the right treatment from the right surgeon is important because the doctor knows the success rate and risk factors associated. He will examine your conditions and then decide whether to go for hip replacement or not. The surgeon’s decision will be based on many factors, including age and the damage to your hip joint. He will consider total hip surgery when alternative methods such as changes in activities, mild painkillers, and physiotherapy have been exhausted.

Duration of Stay

8 days in the hospital, 15 days outside the hospital.

Recovery Process

The recovery time after a hip replacement surgery usually depends upon individual to individual but normally patients do recover in 3-6 months. Pain Management is an important part of the recovery process. Pre-operative education regarding pain, discomfort, medication and other pain management techniques is important for a smooth recovery. To keep the joint flexible, building strength and increasing the range of motion are necessary and can be accomplished by participating in physical therapy and other exercise programs. A positive attitude and a solid support network (friends, family and/or patient groups) will do wonders to help a total hip replacement patient through the recovery process.

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