Success Story: Mavdjuda’s experience proves that cervical cancer is not the end

Role of EasyCure

After two years of suffering, a ray of hope came to her life when she got to know about EasyCure. Our team immediately responded to her and without losing any more time referred her and shared her reports to surgical oncologist Dr Pushpinder Gulia, of Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, India. The Easycure team assisted her with all the official documentation like availing a medical visa and provided her a customized treatment plan and estimate of treatment cost. Mrs. Mavdjadu was accompanied by her husband, they met the EasyCure ground team at the airport who ensured that transport was arranged for them from the airport to the hospital. Our team also provided several options for hotel accommodation based on their requirements. They were thoroughly impressed with EasyCure and how effortless the process was. 


Course of treatment

As soon as she arrived at hospital, she was admitted and relevant medical investigations were initiated. After a detailed physical examination and diagnostic studies like PET CT scan and biopsies, it was confirmed that the cancer cells have not spread and was confined to her pelvis only, the oncologist explained to Mrs. Mavdjadu and her husband that only viable treatment option for her is the pelvic exenteration. It is a major surgery also called ‘pelvic clearance’ in which all internal reproductive organs, bladder, and rectosigmoid are removed. Mavdjuda underwent ‘Anterior Pelvic Exenteration with Ileal conduit with diverting Sigmoid Colostomy’. Procedure was done as laparotomy is which incision was made over abdomen to explore the pelvis and remove the tumour. In Ileal conduit the surgeon removed a section of the small bowel and joins the tubes coming from each of the kidneys (ureters) to one end of it. They bring the other open end of the bowel out through a small opening in the skin of the tummy wall. Urine made by the kidneys will pass out of the body through this opening. Lower part of the rectum was also removed and remaining part was joined to the opening through a procedure called colostomy. After the surgery the abdomen was closed in layers-rectus and skin and she was shifted to ICU for observation.



Mavdjuda responded well to the surgery and initially recovered well with colostomy and Ileal conduit functioning adequately. There was a complication on the 7th day after the surgery her WBC started raising and on CECT scan it was found some loop formation with minimal fluid in her pelvis. She had to undergo a re-exploration surgery through same incisions done in previous laparotomy and Ileal loops were resected.

After the re-exploration Mavdjuda showed remarkable recovery with no further complications and after a week of observation she was discharged.


Life after surgery

For Mavdjude, it’s been a very emotionally and physically challenging experience. It had an enormous impact on her life and the lives of her family. But, she is thankful to EasyCure and team of doctors who guided her and supported through the most critical part of her life. She has regained hope and is looking forward to spend rest of her life healthy.

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