A story of hope: Yusupov Bakhtiyor

Mr. Yusupov, a native of Uzbekistan was living a normal active life with no recurring health issues until a month ago.  Around the first week of January he began to experience a slight pain in his abdominal region. This pain gradually increased to an extent where it began to interfere with his daily routine, which was when he decided to get it checked medically. He consulted several doctors in Uzbekistan and underwent several diagnostic tests to determine the cause of his discomfort.


During this time it was discovered that he had a distal pancreatic mass which required immediate medical attention. Since his home country lacked the advanced medical facilities required for his treatment, he began to look for options abroad.


Role of EasyCure

He was searching for superior medical treatment at affordable prices when he came across EasyCure’s website and left a query inquiring about his treatment. Our team immediately got in touch with him and assured him he would get the best treatment from doctors in India. We requested him to forward his medical reports which were shown to the top doctors of gastroenterology in India. The all-round consensus was for him to fly down to India as soon as possible for emergency surgery before the condition worsened.


First Meeting

He arrived in India on 10th February 2019 with his wife and elder brother and was met at the airport by the EasyCure ground team. Prior to arrival the family was given several options of top doctors for treatment and options for accommodation near the hospital where he had chosen to get treated at. He chose Dr. Vedant Kabra of Manipal Hospitals, an excellent surgical oncologists with 23 years of experience in his field. Our ground team drove them to the hospital from their place of accommodation every day for various tests and doctor visits.

After a thorough analysis by Dr. Vedant and his team, decided that a distal pancreatectomy  with splenectomy was the recommended procedure for treatment. A pacreatectomy involves the removal of the diseased portion of the pancreas. Mr. Yusupov was admitted at Manipal Hospital on 13th February 2019. The procedure was completed without any major complications by Dr. Vedanta and his team and the patient’s condition was stable after the procedure. The patient was kept under observation following surgery to monitor his vitals and signs of further complications.


End of treatment

On 21st Feb 2019 he was discharged after being declared fit for travel. He flew back to Uzbekistan the next day with his family. The EasyCure team was by his side the entire time he was here in India ensuring a hassle free experience. Our interpreter was also with them through the whole time for communication. His family extended their most sincere gratitude to the team of EasyCure for our assistance during this time. EasyCure wishes him a speedy recovery and a healthy life.


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