Ready to resume life: Mr. Nurriddin’s liver transplant surgery

37 year old Mr. Nurriddin Boltaev was suffering from persistent HBV related liver disease. After consultation with doctors from his home country of Uzbekistan, he was advised to undergo a liver transplant. Since the medical infrastructure was not advanced in his country, he began on look for options internationally. He found EasyCure when he was looking for the best liver transplant specialists in the world.


First Contact

He got in touch with us through our website seeking consultation and further evaluation of his condition. Our support team requested him to share his medical reports at the earliest. At EasyCure, we have established an interconnected system of the best healthcare professionals in India. The confidential reports sent by Mr. Nurriddin was shared with liver transplant experts from the top hospitals in the country. After a detailed investigation, the experts concluded that Mr. Nuriddin had to travel to India to undergo immediate liver transplant. The laws governing healthcare in India are concise and transparent on the issue of liver transplant, the patient who is the receiver of donor liver has to have a donor from his immediate family who is willing, healthy and of the right age group (18-55). Mr. Nurridin discussed with his immediate family and his nephew Mr. Makhma Boltaev, 21 volunteered to donate his liver. His medical history and other details were shared with doctors and he was given the all clear to proceed.



The uncle and nephew arrived in India on 10th January 2019, the EasyCure ground team was waiting to welcome them from the airport. They were already presented with a few options for accommodation as per their requirements from which they had made their decision based on proximity to the hospital and pricing. After they checked in to the hotel, our team was at close quarters ensuring everything was hassle free. After reviewing a list of several excellent hepatobiliary doctors, they chose Dr. Ashish Singhal who practices at Fortis Memorial Research Institute and has nearly 19 years of experience in liver transplantation and digestive diseases.  For the next few days they were driven to and back from the hospital for various diagnostic tests. On 13th January 2019 both uncle and nephew were admitted to the hospital after given the go ahead for the medical procedure. The next day after a final round of tests and obtaining clearance from the ethics, both patients underwent living donor liver transplantation -right lobe without MHV. The procedure went without any complication and both patients tolerated the operation remarkably well. The excellent staff of FMRI kept them for observation and further consultation for the  next few days. Mr. Makkhma was discharged on 9th of January with prescription medicines after being medically cleared.


Mr. Nurriddin was discharged on 31st January 2019 after being kept on observation for a longer owing to the complicated nature of the operation. On the 2nd of February after merely 23 days since their arrival in India, uncle and nephew returned to their home country.


Role of EasyCure

The entire team of EasyCure was with Mr Nurriddin and his nephew during his entire stay here, including every day at th the hospital. EasyCure provided him with our excellent in-house interpreters who helped them converse with everyone at the hospital and place of accomodation. Our team was with them arrival to departure and on call 24/7. Arriving in a foreign country for medical treatment can be daunting, at EasyCure we are committed that every patient who arrives after consultation with us has an unblemished experience with emphasis on comfort and hassle free process. Mr. Nurriddin conveyed his deepest feelings of gratitude to every member of the team and we wish him a speedy recovery.


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