Hearing miracles: 7 year old patient and his Cochlear Ear Implant

The Arrival

After the initial contact the family was asked to share the patient’s history. After the patient history was shared with the team at EasyCure who went for further consultation with several of the top doctors of ENT at the best hospitals in the country. The family was advised to bring the patient to India for a Cochlear implant surgery.


Post arrival they were met by the EasyCure ground team who assisted them in reaching the hospital and also presented them with several options for accomodation. They had selected to consult Dr. K.K Handa, a 27 year veteran ENT, Head and Neck surgeon who serves as Associate Professor, Department of ENT, Medanta-The Medcity.  The surgery went well without any major complications with the patient. Post surgery the patient was kept under observation for several days before being discharged with instructions about post operation care.


The day after the discharge the family left for their home country. The EasyCure team was with them throughout their stay in India including the departure .



The father had the following words to say before departure:


“The surgery was performed by Dr. K. K Handa. They guided us regarding the treatment, stay in India and hospital. We are thankful to the doctor and the hospital for the successful treatment. Easycure helped us to find the right doctor in India, arranged our stay, picked us from Airport and drop too. The person accompanying us during the treatment was helping and had good communication skills. He was with us from the day we arrived in India. Our trip to India went successful and we will be taking some good memories back home. Thank you Easycure!!”

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