Nafisa Mukhtarova’s Breast Cancer Treatment

About the Problem:

Breast cancer results from abnormal growth of breast issue. It occurs quite often in women and rarely in men. Symptoms include pain around the armpits, change of skin color around the breast, rash or lump around the breast, etc. If untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body including brain, lungs, liver, etc.


Background of the Patient:

Nafisa was informed by her doctor about suspicious spots on her mammogram during a regular exam. Initially scared, with encouragement from her family, she visited ever recommended doctor but could get the right diagnosis. That’s when they reached out to us and we helped to set up an appointment with Dr. Pushpinder Gulia at FMRI hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer in the left breast.


About the Hospital:

Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon is a multi-super-speciality hospital with an enviable international faculty, reputed clinicians, including super-sub-specialists and speciality nurses, supported by cutting–edge technology. A premium referral hospital, it endeavours to be the ‘Mecca of Healthcare’ for Asia Pacific and beyond. Set on a spacious 11-acre campus with 1000 beds, this ‘Next Generation Hospital’ is built on the foundation of ‘Trust’ and rests on four strong pillars: Talent, Technology, Service and Infrastructure.


About the Treatment:

After initial evaluation of the patient physically, patient was advised to undertake biopsy first to exactly understand what surgery needs to be done. After accessing the results doctor told Nafisa that a breast reconstruction surgery is required to fix the problem. The success rate was high in her case as told by doctor along with costs and treatment plan. All the pre surgery formalities were completed and it was done on 24th March. Now she is back in her home country and enjoying with her family.


How EasyCure helped the patient in India:

EasyCure helped the patient to get the right doctor and hospital in India and negotiated with the hospital staff. EasyCure did formalities related to medical visa on patient’s behalf. Pick up was duly arranged and our executive went to airport to pick the patient. The patient was diagnosed and treated the next day after his arrival. The accommodation provided was also near the hospital and was very convenient for the patient.

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