Ormond’s disease – A rare condition treated successfully on a patient from Uzbekistan


He believed that he monitored his diet, followed a routine exercise regime and above all went for regular health check-ups. Assuming the pain may be related to indigestion or food poisoning, he visited a local doctor who prescribed blood tests. Based on the reports the doctor gave prescription medicines but the pain didn’t subside and became severe. His condition worsened and he faced difficulty with symptoms like pain, swelling, discoloration in legs, swelling of the scrotum, decreased urine output and suddenly total lack of urine accompanied by nausea, vomiting and weight loss.

Due to unavailability of specialist doctors and lack of proper medical facilities in his home country, it was difficult for local doctors to understand the exact reason behind his condition, so he was advised to refer a super specialty hospital.


Role of EasyCure

After consulting several hospitals over a number of months, Askar and his family were losing hope until one day they came to know about EasyCure, a ISO certified Indian medical company  which could help them gain treatment at multiple super specialty hospitals in India. Easycure team did exactly what they expected and assured Askar of world class treatment for his condition in some of the best hospitals in India. After completing the formalities related to the Medical Visa with the help of Easycure, Askar was referred to an expert Urologist, Dr Sanjay Gogoi of Manipal Hospitals, New Delhi, India. Askar’s brother accompanied him to India and was very satisfied by all the EasyCure services; from their welcome at the airport to commute to the hospital, and arrangement of further accommodation requirements, everything was managed in a hassle-free way.


Course of treatment in the Hospital

As soon as Askar reached hospital, he was admitted and major investigations were initiated. First challenge for the doctors at Manipal hospital was to find the exact cause of his condition. After investigations and laboratory tests it was diagnosed that Askar was suffering from Retroperitoneal fibrosis or Ormond’s disease. It occurs when excess fibrous tissue develops in the space behind your stomach and intestine called the retroperitoneal area. Fibrosis is the growth of excess connective tissue, which causes a mass to form. This often causes compression and blockage of the ureters, which are the tubes that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder and if not treated on time can lead to kidney failure as well.


Askar was scheduled for Laparoscopic Ureterolysis- a surgical procedure done to remove the blockage, repair the affected ureter, and prevent it from happening again. Stents (drainage tubes) were placed in the ureter which provided short-term relief of the symptoms. During laparoscopy, several small incisions were made in the abdomen. The scope is put through one of the small incisions which sends pictures from inside the abdomen to a video screen. Surgical tools were placed through the other incisions and blockage was removed. After the surgery the incisions were closed by staples and dressing was done. Askar was shifted to ICU for observation.



Askar responded well to the surgery, his drainage was adequate. Pain was managed through medications and he began to feel relief as his kidneys gradually started working. He was hospitalized for a week and was discharged with bilateral DJ stents which was to be removed after three weeks of surgery. Post-discharge he stayed at the accommodation provided by EasyCure in the vicinity of the hospital and doctors would visit him daily to monitor his recovery status.


Life after Surgery

After a long phase of pain and discomfort, finally Askar was able to perform daily activities and go back to his normal life. He was slowly coping  with everyday challenges and looking forward to get back to his job. He was very satisfied with the help and support provided by Easycure and the team of doctors and paramedics at Manipal hospitals. After three weeks the DJ stents were removed and he was ready to fly back to his country. Easycure also arranged a recreational trip around India to end his visit on a positive note.

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