Hole in one- 75 year old golf enthusiast Rahab Nyokabi and her hip replacement surgery

Patient History

75 year old Mrs. Rahab Nyokabi Waitete loved golf and despite her advanced age she still had the energy to play a 18 holes every week. However, due to increasing pain from her hips she started having trouble playing regularly. Her daughter Florence Nduta began to look for medical treatment options internationally as their home country of Kenya lacked the medical infrastructure for hip replacement surgery. She found EasyCure.com while looking for the best orthopedics in the world and approached our team via email. She was asked to forward all of her mother’s medical history, post which the team got in touch with the best experts in Delhi for further consultation.


The Process

After investigation through our experts, EasyCure advised her to travel to India for immediate surgery and gave her several options of the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi. After some research on her part she chose Dr. Ashok Rajgopal at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, (FMRI) who is one the best and renowned orthopaedic surgeons in the world. She flew down in September of 2018  and was met my EasyCure ground team at the hospital itself. Our team was constantly in touch with her before arrival and was constantly in contact proximity throughout her stay in India. After arrival to India, every international patient has to seek independent accommodation prior before consultation visits and admission. However Mrs. Rahab’s case was special due to her advanced age, so our team at EasyCure took initiative to meet with the team at FMRI and consider her circumstances. As a result of which she was admitted to the hospital immediately after we showed her all the available rooms.


After conducting all the necessary tests and review of her complete medical history, she was advised by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal to undergo a unilateral hip replacement surgery. She had trouble with both her hips, but with unilateral hip surgery the recovery time was lesser and should have increased mobility in a short time. The procedure was carried out on schedule without any complications. The expert team at FMRI ensured that all the procedures went forward without problems. After just four days of observation and rest post operation she was discharged from the hospital. Our team stayed by her side the entire time and also took care of discharge formalities.


Role of EasyCure

Florence Nduta was extremely pleased with the team at EasyCure and took time out to meet the entire backend team as well who ensured she had a perfect experience while staying in India. The team ensured her comfort and safety along with all other miscellaneous details during the duration of the stay. The EasyCure team also drove her to the airport on her final day of stay. As a token of her appreciation to EasyCure she presented the team with a pin with the Indian and Kenyan flags.

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