A fresh lease of life- The story of Toshpulat Toshkhujaev.

: Toshpulat Toshkhujaev
: Uzbekistan

Toshpulat Toshkhujaev is a normal Uzbekistani 17 year old with big dreams for his life. However, his promising future was almost cut short because of a rare congenital heart defect known as fossa ovalis atrial septal defect (or Fossa Ovalis ASD).

The Condition

When Toshpulat was 7 years old, he was diagnosed with Fossa ovalis ASD after a routine checkup for coughing and chest pain. Since then, even a slight physical exertion left him feeling breathless and dizzy. The healthcare situation in his home country was not ideal for treating this complex cardiac condition, which needed expert care and advanced surgical expertise. He was on various medications from a young age to fight the side effects of this debilitating condition.


Course of Treatment

On 7 January 2019, He was admitted at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. Immediately after his admission, a thorough medical investigation was undertaken by the specialist staff at Fortis Escorts to understand his physical and internal health. After all tests and examinations, the team assigned to this case decided that a Device closure of ASD procedure had to be performed at the earliest. The operation. The procedure is standard for congenital Fossa ovalis ASD and the team of experts surgeons at Fortis were highly experienced in such acute cases with excellent outcome history. On 9 January 2019, just two days after admission the procedure was done. There were no complications during the procedure and was completed on time. Post procedure he was kept in CCU (Critical Care Unit) for hemodynamic monitoring. He remained hemodymanically stable throughout his stay.


On 10 January 2019, just 3 days after admission, he was discharged from the Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery in 3 months. He will be able to lead a normal life and fulfill his future goals.


Role of EasyCure

Toshpulat’s family was getting desperate looking for options for treatment as he got older and his health deteriorated in the long run. Our team of professionals got in touch with them at the right time to ensure that they got the best healthcare professional in India with proven credentials. We received them right at the airport, arranged hassle-free stay at a guesthouse specific to their needs, arranged full time translators to ensure proper communication between them and the healthcare professionals, additionally we also made necessary schedules for commute from place of accommodation to the hospital. Coming to a foreign country can be daunting for anyone, especially people with serious health conditions. At EasyCure we are dedicated to making sure people availing our services have a seamless experience from admission to discharge and everything in between.