Close to his heart: Dr. Osama Ibrahim and his journey to wellness

The condition

60 year old Osama Ibrahim, a university professor from Iraq had been feeling out of breath and dizzy during daily activities for a few months. After initial hospital tests in his home country he was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease in three vessels. There was a lack of basic infrastructure for the advanced procedures required for his treatment in his home country, so he began to look out healthcare options internationally.


The course of treatment

After some basic research, he found our website and started looking for treatment options in India. Our team at EasyCure immediately got in touch with him and reviewed his case history.  They consulted with the best hospitals and cardiology experts in Bangalore after sharing all the medical test reports. After reviewing his case thoroughly and assessing all of the pros and cons, we recommended him to travel to India to undergo treatment for his condition. Our team gave him several options of the top cardiac surgeons for his treatment. After some consideration, he chose Dr. Sathyaki P Nambala, a veteran cardiothoracic surgeon with over 20 years of experience who is Senior Consultant, Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore. He arrived at Bangalore on 18th of September 2018. Our ground team received him at the airport and brought him to convenient accommodation near the hospital. On the 24th of September he was admitted at the hospital and the expert team of cardiac professionals immediately conducted tests to assess his overall vitals. He was diagnosed with IHD with TVCAD with Grade 3 diastolic dysfunction. After assessing his complete medical history and existing health conditions, the course of treatment recommended to him was minimally invasive Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). After getting his consent he underwent hemodialysis clearances for surgery. He underwent MICS CABG X 3 Grafts, LIMA-LAD, SVG-PDA, OM on 1 October 2018, hardly a week after he first arrived in India. The procedure went smoothly without any complication and post operation recovery was uneventful. He was advised to take rest for the next 3 months with no strenuous exertion. On 10th October he was officially discharged.


Role of EasyCure

The EasyCure  team was with him throughout the duration of his stay here.  Our interpreter was at hand at all times to help him converse with the hospital staff and help them negotiate with the hospital administration at the time of billing. We arranged commute from his accomodation to the hospital and was available on call 24/7. At the end of his stay our ground team ensured that he arrived at the airport on time with no hassles. Osama and his family extended their warmest gratitude to EasyCure for our end to end support and to the capable hands of Dr Sathyaki and his team at Apollo

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