EasyCure assists 78 year old patient to undergo successful liver transplant surgery.


Background of the Problem

Mr. Abdusatar’s  liver was not working properly and he had water retention in his stomach of around 4 litres. He had consulted with many doctors in Uzbekistan regarding the problem and they advised him to go abroad for liver transplant, as treatment options in his home country were limited. As the patient was quite old so his family decided to go abroad for the treatment of facilities and success rate was high. India was a good option as there are direct flights and depending on the urgency it was favourable too. Hence his family decided to go India for treatment and from there he came to know about Easycure. We showed his reports to Indian doctors and opinion was provided to him along with the cost estimate. The patient came to India on 14th  December 2017.


About the hospital

FMRI has a sprawling campus of more than 11 acres with 1000 beds spread across more than 17 different departments which offer cutting edge technology and freedom from physical discomfort for hassle free recuperation. The hospital encompasses 56 departments ranging from Anesthesiology  to Cardiac Sciences and Transplant Medicine..


About the treatment

After an initial evaluation of the patient physically, the patient was advised to undertake several tests related to Kidney and Liver. Blood group, CBC, kft, lfr, blood sugar, HBA, Urine culture, urine routine, viral marker, ptt, pt/inr, chest x ray, ecg ,Echo etc. were done. The results showed that patient was suffering from severe liver damage and a Liver transplant needs to be done at the earliest. It was a long process as various feasibility tests were to be done before the transplant for both the patient and donor. Donor tests include 24 hour urine test, CT Angio, DTPA etc. After all the tests and pre-transplant work, the transplant was done. The duration of the treatment was 2 months, which include pre-treatment workup etc. It was successful and the patient was very happy with the results.


How EasyCure helped the patient in getting treated in India:

EasyCure helped the patient to get the right doctor and hospital in India and negotiated with the hospital staff. Formalities related to medical visa was managed by EasyCure on patient’s behalf. Pick up was duly arranged and our executive went to the airport to pick the patient. The patient was diagnosed and treated the very next day after his arrival immediately.  The accommodation provided was also near the hospital and was very convenient for the patient.

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