EasyCure helps 7 year old heart patient from Kenya

A 7 year old with a rare congenital heart condition came to India for advanced treatment in November of 2018. Her parents had been looking for treatment options abroad since Kenya lacked the advanced medical facilities required for her treatment. They came across EasyCure while looking for the best cardiologist in the world for pediatric heart surgery.


They contacted the EasyCure team through our website after leaving a query with the name and number. EasyCure’s case officer immediately got in touch with them owing to the critical nature of the case to obtain all necessary information for further consultation. The reports were taken to different cardiology experts in several of the best hospitals in India. The procedure recommended for her was an Angioplasty. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive interventional radiology procedure in which imaging technologies are used to guide a catheter into an artery or vein to the point where it is narrow or blocked. Guided by x-ray images, the radiologist will insert a long, thin tube (the catheter) into the appropriate blood vessel, usually at the crease of the hip. The radiologist will inject a special contrast solution through the catheter so that he can see the patients blood vessels more clearly.


The family decided to travel to India for treatment and EasyCure was there at the airport to welcome them and take them to the hospital. They had chosen Fortis Memorial Hospital Gurgaon as their preferred hospital. FMRI is one of India’s most premier hospitals and was ranked number 2 globally on a list of technologically advanced hospitals. Our ground team had already presented them with a list of accommodation options depending upon the requirements of the family for stay during the initial days of consultation.


After completing the required tests like coronary angiogram and a complete physical test the physician at FMRI declared her fit for surgery. The procedure was explained in a calm and detailed way to the patient. 3 days after arrival in India the patient was admitted for surgery. The procedure went without any major complications within 60 mins. The vital signs were monitored for the next few hours and patient showed improvement. She was kept under observation for the next 3 days and she was discharged on the 5th day of admission. The doctor prescribed a round of medicines and advised not to  perform vigorous exertion for the first one to two weeks.

After a few days of stay close to the hospital where the doctor could check in if necessary the family left back to Kenya. The EasyCure team was with them throughout the stay here including seeing them off at the airport.


Feedback from Patient’s Parent:

“My daughter was admitted in Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon for 5 days. Easycure helped us to find the best doctor for the treatment. The person from Easycure was with us during the entire course of treatment and assisted us in every possible area of requirement. The treatment was successful and all I want to say is a BIG THANK YOU to Easycure for this great experience. “

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