17 Year old Afghan boy Malang gets a new lease of life after a bullet injury

: Malang Samy Ullah
: Barbados

Sometimes, life really takes a toll on you and something similar happened with 17-year-old Malang Samy Ullah, a young boy from Afghanistan. Everything was going perfect in his life until one day when his world turned topsy turvy as he became a victim of bullet injury on his chest.

Just after the injury Malang was rushed to a local hospital’s emergency, since the site of injury was chest it was very critical that he gets the proper treatment at the right time. Immediately, he was taken to operation theatre where he underwent an Abdominal surgery with chest tube insertion, but it did not help him and in fact his condition further deteriorated. As medical facilities are not so advanced in his country he was advised to be treated at a specialized centre equipped with advanced technologies.


When Malang and his relatives were almost losing hope, Easycure team came to their rescue and helped the patient to get the proper treatment at a reputed super speciality hospital. After completing the formalities related to Medical Visa with the help of Easycure, Malang was referred to Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon. Malang’s brother accompanied him to India and is very much satisfied by all the services like; from their arrival to airport, transfer to the hospital, and further accommodation requirements as everything was managed in a hassle-free way by Easycure. And after the treatment Easycure also helped them for follow-up visits and sharing his reports with the doctor. Accommodation provided to Malang and his relative was in the vicinity of hospital which further made it easier for them to consult the doctor as and when needed.


Soon after his arrival at Fortis Memorial Health Institute, Gurgaon, Malang was immediately admitted and all relevant investigations were initiated. He was diagnosed with- Traumatic Chronic Left Empyema means his condition was very critical and CECT report of chest showed left hydro pneumothorax with collapse of left lower lobe of his lungs. Empyema is a condition in which pus collects in the pleural space, which is the area between your lungs and the inner surface of your chest wall. His physical examination also revealed serious bedsore over his sacrum area.

After having a detailed investigation an expert team of surgeons performed surgery for removing the bullet. Procedure performed was- ‘Left Pleural window with foreign body (bullet) removal with bedsore management’. During the procedure an H shaped incision was made on the left side of the chest, and it was found that the bullet was present in the subcutaneous space on the right chest over back side, both lobes of the lungs were collapsed with dense adhesions and left lining of the lungs pleural cavity was filled with pus. Around 8-10 cm part of two ribs were cut off to make a space or pleural window so that pus can be drained off and after which bullet was removed from the right chest wall. Supra-pubic catheter was changed and Malang was shifted to ICU post-surgery for observation.


Postoperatively Malang had no complaints and he stood the surgery well with no major with respiratory issues. Even he got relief from bed sore over his sacrum. Malang showed remarkable improvement in his condition and after a week of hospitalization he was discharged and was given follow-up advise and after-care instructions. Malang’s vital signs like pulse rate and especially breathing became normal and as the bedsore decreased there was great pain relief for him and by the time of discharge he started to do mild activities like walking or sitting on his own.

Surgery was successful and at present Malang has almost recovered and is on his way back to lead a normal life and continue with higher studies.