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About Child Psychiatrist

They are specially trained psychiatrists who can deal and understand children and adolescents’ psychology better. This means they are the best professional hands to treat children and adolescents with their psychological issues. As the affected patients here are in a growing stage, it is important that early symptoms are identified so that treatment, which can be anything like behavior therapies, problem-solving therapies, psychodynamic therapies, parent-training programs, family- therapies, counseling or medication, can be started at the earliest so that these children or adolescents can grow up with a sound mental health. They are specialists in handling all kinds of psychological disorders that affect children and adolescents like Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Phobias and Eating Disorders.

Dr. M. K. Jain, Psychiatrist, Noida
Dr. M. K. Jain

Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Child Psychiatrist

Jain Medical Centre, New Delhi


24 Years



Dr. Kushal Jain, Child Psychiatrist, Delhi
Dr. Kushal Jain

Child Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist, Neuro Psychiatrist, Psychologist

Centre For Behavioural Sciences, New Delhi

Vimhans Hospital, New Delhi


14 Years



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