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W Pratiksha Hospital


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    About W Pratiksha Hospital

    W Pratiksha Hospital is hospital with a 25 years of experience offering high standards in healthcare through a combination of cutting edge technology, a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors with global education and experience, and super specialized clinicians.  

    Infrastructure & Services

    This hospital is equipped with 110 beds and a variety of accommodation options making  it a preferred destination for domestic and international patients. The hospital has 97 departments covering a wide range- In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Gastrointestinal Disorders and Female Urology and Urinary Incontinence Clinic.

    Top Doctors at W Pratiksha Hospital

    Location & Nearby Attractions

    The hospital is located in Gurgaon a quick 30 minute drive away from  the Indira Gandhi International Hospital for ease of access for international patients. The hospital is also situated close to nearby tourist attractions like the Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park, the Sultanpur National Park and the stately Raja Nahar Singh Palace. The hospital is proximal to several hotel options of varying prices and facilities depending on the requirements of stay.

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