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Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Gurgaon, Haryana


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About Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) is a state of the art quaternary care hospital with highly renowned clinicians, specialists and department oriented healthcare professionals. FMRI brings you the best  medical innovations, professionals and advanced technology to offer the best treatments on par with international standards. FMRI is ranked at number 2 by topmastersinhealthcare.com, and is listed on the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a all inclusive institution for all it's patients with superior amenities which ensure comfort during and after diagnosis and treatment.

Infrastructure & Services

FMRI has a sprawling campus of more than 11 acres with 1000 beds spread across more than 17 different departments which offer cutting edge technology and freedom from physical discomfort for hassle free recuperation. The hospital encompasses 56 departments ranging from Anesthesiology  to Cardiac Sciences and Transplant Medicine. The centres of excellence within the institution include Cardiac Sciences, Fortis Bone and Joint  Institute, Fortis Cancer Institute, Institute of Blood Disorders and Bone Marrow Transplants, Minimal Access Bariatric and GI Surgery, Neurosciences, Paediatrics, Renal Sciences and Robotic Surgery.   The Institution welcomes a large number of international patients every years and is well versed in management of patients from all kinds of different cultural backgrounds.

Top Doctors at Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Awards, Recognization & Certification

  • Ranked at number 2 by topmastersinhealthcare.com.
  • Listed on the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.
  • First Autologus bone marrow transplant performed on 12 year old Aanchal for Brain tumour in 2013
  • Surgery done for Lumbar Spine disc prolapse on 102 year old man 2014
  • Treated 14 kids with cerebral palsy from Kazakhstan May 2013- May 2014
  • The first Fortis Hospital to be certified in Waterbirth and Kangaroo Care
  • NABH Accreditation for Blood Bank
  • 24 Hour Heart Helpline launched 2013
  • Advanced ultrasound facility with 3D viewing capability 2014

Location & Nearby Attractions

FMRI is located in Gurugram sector 44 which is located right near Huda City centre metro Hospital. The hospital is centrally located with quick access to several hotels which are in available for all budgets. There are several areas of interest located nearby the institutions for international patients and patients from out of town to visit like the Sultanpur National Park which is located 22 km away and Vintage Camera museum which is 10 kms away.    

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Recent Treatments

  • Name: Mr. Nurriddin Boltaev
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Treatment Date: 2-14-2019
  • Name: Toshpulat Toshkhujaev
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Treatment Date: 1-16-2019
  • Name: Mr. Abdusatar
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Treatment Date: 12-11-2018
  • Name: Mrs. Rahab Nyokabi Waitete
  • Country: Kenya
  • Treatment Date: 12-5-2018
  • Name: Nafisa Mukhtarova
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Treatment Date: 11-30-2018
  • Name:
  • Country: Kenya
  • Treatment Date: 11-13-2018
  • Name: Malang Samy Ullah
  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Treatment Date: 10-7-2018
  • Name: Mrs. Mavdjuda Djalalova
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Treatment Date: 10-3-2018

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