About us

Easycure is an ISO certified medical assistance company for patients travelling to India. We provide hassle free access to quality healthcare solutions custom made for every patient that arrives in India.


The Process

When a patient reaches out to us through our website, our team immediately gets in touch with them via email or telephone. After understanding their condition from our initial communication, we request them  to share their medical reports which are handled with utmost confidentiality. We have collaborated with some of the the best clinicians and super specialty hospitals in the country who will then assess the reports. After medical analysis by the experts, they’re advised to travel to India if needed for further treatment. We present them with a number of options of top doctors who they can consider for consultation after reaching India.


The Next Phase

Arriving in a foreign country can be stressful for anyone, especially when they are arriving for a medical procedure. At EasyCure we make arrangements for the end-to-end convenience of the patient. Whether it is medical visa processing or finding affordable accomodation near the hospital our team are with the patient throughout their stay in India. If the patient requires an interpreter to speak with hospital staff, we have several Arabic, Russian and French interpreters on staff who are prepared to help them in any way.


The Eventual Goodbye

EasyCure has helped 1000s of patients receive medical diagnosis and treatment of life threatening conditions, minimal access surgery for cancers, life changing orthopedic surgeries and various other surgeries. We are committed to ensuring that all the patients who come to India through EasyCure have a seamless experience while they are in India seeking treatment.


When it’s time for the patient to leave, our team sees them off at the airport. Our relationship continues after the he/she reaches her home country, our team will intermittently contact them to ensure there are no follow up issues.